Free Choice Minerals

Available in 50 lb. bags


Mineral Mineral Description
Vigortone 3V5S Cattle Mineral Specially formulated for grazing cattle with optimum levels of vitamin A, D, E, and minerals for health and growth. Contains high levels of copper and zinc, which are important for health reproductive performance. 3V5S contains salt. Contains copper! Do not feed to sheep. The Estimated intake is 4 oz/hd/day.
Provimi Sheep Mineral Specially formulated for sheep! Provides vitamins and minerals for health, growth, and reproductive performance. Provides adequate selenium levels to help prevent white muscle disease and molybdenum to help protect from copper toxicity. No added salt. Offer Provimi Sheep Mineral in addition to Redmond Salt. The estimated intake no more than 0.4-1.2 oz/hd/day.
Provimi Goat Mineral Specially formulated free choice mineral for goats with added salt. Goat Pro has optimum levels of A, D, and E and minerals to help with immune response, improved reproductive performance, and an overall healthier animal. Contains copper! Do not feed to sheep. The estimated intake is 0.4-1.6 oz/hd/day
Redmond Trace Mineral Salt Natural trace mineral salt mined from an ancient seabed in Redmond, Utah. Offer
free choice to grazing livestock.
Redmond Conditioner Bentonite clay mined from an ancient seabed in Redmond, Utah.
Diatomaceous Earth Fossilized diatoms
Oyster Shells (coarse) Coarsely ground oyster shells for laying hens.
Grit Granite rocks for chickens. Feeding grit can help increase feed utilization by up to
10%. Chickens don’t have teeth, which is why grit is so important. Grit acts like teeth, grinding feed to improve feed digestion and efficiency. Available in 3 sizes: Starter, Grower, Developer/Layer
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