Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GMO?

A plant, microbe, or animal whose DNA has been changed through genetic engineering techniques1. A GMO is different from selective breeding. Selective breeding involves choosing parent stock with characteristics that will produce offspring with preferred traits and characteristics2.

Do we use sprays?

The production practices are unique to the crop, weather, and growing conditions. We are not organic; however, we are 100% non-GMO production. We are growing green year-round with Wheat, Oats, Barley, and Canola planted in October with harvest the following June. In the Summer, we plant Corn, Soybeans, Sunflower, and Milo in March and harvest in August thru November.

Our policies are to reduce the amounts of pesticides (Pesticide is the generic term for all herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, storicides, rodenticides, etc.) we use on the crops as much as possible. Canola is the only crop that we use as a “harvest aid.” We desiccate with an aquatic herbicide “diquat” to dry down the canola so we can harvest it. The diquat label requires a PHI (Pre-harvest Interval) of 7 days. We choose to wait 10-14 days to harvest after the product has been applied. The diquat herbicide is non-toxic to aquatic species; therefore, we believe it is the safest product to use.

Where do your grains come from?

85% of the grains we use in the feeds we produce come from Moore’s Seed and Grain Farms, which is our family’s row crop farm.

Corn, Wheat, Barley, Oats, Sorghum – (Produced by Moore’s Seed & Grain Farm)

Soybean Meal and Canola Meal. We grow soybeans and canola on our farm, then process the seed in our Oil Mill (Resaca Sun Products) to make the high protein meal.

Sesame Meal We purchase the seed from other farmers in Oklahoma. Resaca Sun Products process the seed in our Oil mill resulting in the high protein sesame meal.

We purchase from suppliers Alfalfa meal, Milo, field peas, Fish Meal, Calcium, Salt.
All minerals and vitamins are purchased from different suppliers.

What does expeller pressed mean?

The process of pressing the oil out of oil seeds using mechanical force. This is the most natural way to remove oil from an oilseed.

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