Resaca Sun Feeds has two changes to announce about the pellet sizes offered. We have recently purchased a new pellet die, and the new die will slightly change the size of our standard pellet, and the second change is our poultry grower feeds will be made in a medium crumble starting in November.

Attached to this article is a side-by-side comparison of the previously used pellet (right) and the new pellet (left). You can expect to see our pelleted feeds offered in this new size. In terms of poultry, the 11/64” pellet (our new pellet) is a great size for most laying hens except for smaller breeds like Bantams. Honestly, you might not even notice the change in size, but we wanted to let you know of the changes.

The full pellet is too large for young birds during the starting and growing stages, so we break the pellet into smaller sizes called a crumble. Our chick starter feeds (broiler starter, pullet starter, turkey starter, duck starter) will continue to be offered in crumbles – this is not changing.

What is changing is the size of our poultry grower feeds (broiler grower, pullet grower, duck grower). The full-sized pellet is large for poultry during the growing phase, so these feeds will be offered in a medium crumble. The medium crumble is a size in between a crumble and pellet. Attached is another picture comparing the crumble, medium crumble, and pellet as a reference. The feed above the ruler is our crumble, the medium crumble is on the bottom left, and the feed on the bottom right is the pellet. The medium crumble is a better size for poultry during the growing phase.

We are excited about these new changes! Please let us know your thoughts and feedback by emailing our nutritionist at [email protected].