It’s weevil season! There’s a chance you will start to see little black beetles in your feed. These are grain weevils. Don’t worry. These little bugs aren’t harmful to livestock and don’t carry disease. Grain weevils are completely safe for livestock to consume. The reason you’ll see these in the feed is because we don’t use storicides or Insect Growth Regulators (IGR). Storicides are insecticides used to prevent the growth of weevils in our feeds. We choose not to use storicides because we can’t source a natural storicide. Using a chemical storicide is not in line with our nor our customers’ ideals. Because of this decision, you could find weevils in your feed. Below are a couple things you can do on farm to prevent weevils.

  • Spread Diatomaceous earth around the base or where you’re keeping feed. You can purchase Diatomaceous Earth from us at Resaca Sun Feeds.
  • Spray Tempo SC Ultra on the outside of bag. Not on the feed. Check your local coop or online.